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We are The Flying Dutchmen, Hofstra University's official Quidditch team. It's no longer fiction! Email us at huqflyingdutchmen@gmail.com!
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We’re at it again! Come to our last Quidditch on the Quad next Wednesday, April 23 on Adam’s Quad during common hour! This is your chance to learn the game and potentially join the team! 

We’re already suffering from World Cup withdrawals

Seven months ago this picture was taken at Hofstra’s 2013 Fresh ‘N’ Fly Expo. At the time we didn’t know how far this team would go. We had just suffered a massive roster turnover because of graduating seniors. Most people said we lost all our star players and we had lost our shine. 

For months we’ve had to prove ourselves by creating a new team and forming new “stars”. Two months later we qualified for World Cup 7 in North Myrtle Beach at 2013 Northeast Regionals despite a few major injuries and a few hard losses. Shortly after that at the second Big Apple Quidditch Conference, we went 3-0 beating Macaulay Honors College, the Horntailed Horcruxes, and NYU, the team that knocked us out of brackets at Northeast Regionals. In March 2014, we placed 2nd at Rutgers University’s Knight’s Cup, the best tournament showing we’ve had since winning last season’s Big Apple Quidditch Conference. 

We’ve come a long way from this picture and will definitely show that to our pool this weekend at WORLD CUP 7! 

The Flying Dutchmen are ready, are you? 

The Flying Dutchmen are ready, are you? #HUQWC7

PLAYER PROFILE: #16 Mike Iadevaia (B)

Mike only looks like he hates you. Though, he probably actually does #HUQWC7

PLAYER PROFILE: #51 Jaime Colon (K,C)

At #WorldCup6 Jaime went under the radar because most people thought he was a girl. #HUQWC7 #hofstrasecrets

PLAYER PROFILE: #73 Theresa Buchta (B)

Theresa is the Captain of the Flying Dutchmen and one of the shortest members of the team #HUQWC7

PLAYER PROFILE: #72 Alex Leitch (B,S)

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s Alex Leitch from 73,538 pitches away #HUQWC7

PLAYER PROFILE: #39 Emma Hauer (C)

Watch out for the antics of senior chaser, Emma Hauer. She’s pretty sneaky. #HUQWC7

PLAYER PROFILE: #4 Brittany Bissonnette (B)

Look out for her, it’s Brittany, bitch #HUQWC7