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We are The Flying Dutchmen, Hofstra University's official Quidditch team. It's no longer fiction! Email us at huqflyingdutchmen@gmail.com!
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Hey Hofstra, your favorite group of felines have broken into your favorite niche sport! Introducing HofCat Quidditch: http://teespring.com/hofcatquidditch

Give em hell on the field, but shake their hand when the game is done.

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Semi finals vs Tufts! #Oktoberfest

HUQ in overtime against Richmond! #Oktoberfest

HUQ wins against Rochester, 120-50. Snitch grab by captain Jaime Colon. #MudFest #Oktoberfest

Playing dirty. #MudFest #Oktoberfest

How long will Hofstra’s shirts stay white in the rain today??? #Oktoberfest #MudFest

Two days away from the biggest interregional tournament of the season! Make sure you’re following OktoberfestCup on Twitter and keeping up using the hashtag #Oktoberfest14!


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Have you heard? We’re doing PearUp and we need your help! It’s completely free so visit the link, support our group, and follow the directions that follow. Support our team who are struggling to pay for new uniforms, tournament fees, and other expenses this season!